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Moving Services

So your move is coming up fairly quickly. Where to begin? What to keep, what to let go, what simply doesn’t fit your needs – or your floor plan any more? Your Personal Move-In Consultant is still on the job to help you figure it all out. From expert suggestions on how best to fit your furniture into your new Monarch Landing home, to helping you assess how much cabinet space you’ll have, she’s there to streamline every step. She’ll also help you map out a realistic timeline, identify a reliable local moving company, and supervise your packing, move-out and clean-up phases. In fact, it’s hard to let her go when the whole process is over!

The good news is, you don’t have to let her go. Not while there are move-in tasks ahead.

Arriving at Monarch Landing, you’ll be greeted by your Consultant, who will lift your spirits by arranging any help you may need to unpack and put things in order. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting down for tea – and even inviting your neighbors in to say hello.

There’s no doubt that moving can be stressful, but there’s an art to minimizing it, and it’s an art we have mastered. Our feeling is, if there’s a way to make an experience more positive, or add enjoyment to your life, that’s the path we’ll take.