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Under the direction of Dr. Gus Wonais, the Medical Center at Monarch Landing provides the absolute best of both worlds…exclusive and unlimited access for residents of the retirement community. The fully equipped medical office, with its complete team of professional staff including Dr. Gus’s colleague Dr. Francine Long, allows residents to have their primary care physicians on-site where they live.

Five years ago, Dr. Gus (as he likes to be called), who had his Edward Medical Group practice in Lisle, was delighted to become part of Monarch Landing. “It’s pretty unusual for any retirement community to have a complete medical center on campus,” he said. “This shows a true commitment by ownership, to the well-being of the residents.”

What the presence of the center means to residents is that if they require acute medical care, a follow-up appointment, or routine office visit, it can be handled easily and conveniently within their own building. In addition to Edward Medical Group, the medical center also has a visiting cardiologist, podiatrist, psychologist, and audiologist. The medical center is also home to Encore Physical Therapy which provides occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Monarch Landings Social Worker has an office in the medical center also. At least once a week a multidisciplinary team meets and shares information so that we can all stay on top of what’s happening with our residents,” said Dr. Gus. “We have a full complement of excellent specialists.” As part of Edward Medical Group which is the premier physician group for Edward Hospital, Dr. Gus is able to refer patients to the best experts in any field if the need arises.

Dr. Gus said that what he and his team provide is similar to what is known as a concierge practice. “We have a much lower case load than traditional doctors’ office practices, and so not only do we really get to know the residents, but we’re also able to spend more time with them during their visits,” he said. “And our coverage is 24/7/365. Either Dr. Long or I am available at all times either on site or on call. In addition, our Monarch Landing security staff members are trained EMTs and can provide immediate assistance to any resident. They’re always able to get in touch with me or Dr. Long. We keep a close eye on everyone which provides an important level of comfort.”

Dr. Gus said that while residents like the convenience of the Medical Center, he enjoys the familiarity it builds with his patients. “I like the opportunity to get to know the residents not only in the office, but within their home. I often come early in the morning, sit and have coffee and solve the world’s problems with the residents here,” he said. He also loves running into residents when he’s out and about around Naperville.

Lois Habel, clinical supervisor of the Medical Center said that Dr. Gus and Dr. Long are the primary care physicians for the majority of the residents of Monarch Landing. “Some of the residents have been seeing their own primary care physician for 30 or 40 years they want to keep doing that and we certainly honor their wishes. If they have an acute need, such as a sore throat or something and can’t get in to see their regular physician, Dr. Gus or Dr. Long will see them” she said. “Additionally, we have a reference lab on site. Even if a resident doesn’t see our doctors, they can still come and have their bloodwork done here and sent to the Edward Hospital Lab. It’s all very convenient for them.”

As a strong proponent of exercise and fitness to optimize wellness, Dr. Gus makes sure to get his own 10,000 steps in daily before he leaves Monarch Landing for the day. “I like to lead by example,” he said. He added that he observes that residents new to the community often become healthier once they’ve moved in. “We really promote wellness and Monarch Landing has a great fitness program including a pool and fitness center also we stress good nutrition with our chef-prepared meals,” he said. Although residents tend to get healthier while living at Monarch Landing, for those times when they need medical care, it’s available within their own doors.

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