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If you were to look up the term ‘people person’ in the encyclopedia, it’s probable that the accompanying illustration would be of Ambreen Qureshi. The new administrator of The Springs Health Care Center at Monarch Landing started her career in finance but quickly realized that the corporate world was not for her. “I have a strong compassionate side to me and I take an interest in people. I really genuinely like to know about people,” she said.

Even before her foray into finance, Ambreen discovered a love for long-term care. “I was in high school when I started working as a receptionist for a skilled nursing community. I worked part-time there through the rest of high school and partly through college,” she said. After she graduated from UIC with a degree in finance, she started working with BankOne as an underwriter. “While I was excited to have a job in my field right out of school, I quickly found that I wasn’t thrilled getting up in the morning for a job in which I didn’t interact with others. It just wasn’t my thing,” she said. “I circled back to the administrator at the nursing facility and I was given the opportunity to work as a unit director. I scheduled CNAs, ordered medical supplies, etc. I learned a lot, and was also able to interact with residents and their families.”

Ambreen moved on to work in a dual role in administration and social services for another skilled nursing chain. “At the time, I was also trying to get into an accelerated nursing school program but it didn’t pan out. My husband said, ‘you love doing social work, why don’t you do social work?’ I realized it was a great idea and applied to Loyola where I earned my MSW.”

Ambreen was able to use her degrees working in health care operations but decided she was looking for a smaller, more personal setting. “I really wanted to be in a community where I could get to know the residents and families. I get attached to folks and want to make a difference in their lives. An opportunity at The Springs came about and I’m really excited to be here,” she said.

What has struck Ambreen about The Springs, she said, is that it’s a “gorgeous gorgeous place, with a five-star rating. And I love that it’s part of a Life Plan Community, providing a complete continuum of care including Monarch Landing’s independent living, and The Springs’ rehabilitation, respite, assisted living memory support, enriched living and skilled care. It’s so important. Furthermore, what I really really appreciate here, is the person-centered care culture and the household model. These things have been talked about in the long-term care industry for years, but the implementation, in general, has been slow. When I see the model that is firmly in place at The Springs, I’m excited and I know that we can take this to the next level. There’s no one out there that can compare to what we have here. We have so much to offer.”

Ambreen said that she is looking forward to getting to know all the residents at The Springs. “I will get to know everyone like the back of my hand. I look forward to having breakfast or lunch with residents and getting to know them. I do that frequently. That’s my practice. I also make a practice of staying visible and keeping an open door for residents, their family members and our staff.”

Ambreen gives the staff rave reviews. “I am so lucky to be working with a such a wonderful team. It’s a huge group of talent, starting from the line staff, going all the way to leadership. Everyone is so talented and I know there’s a genuine sense of caring,” she said. “And I look forward to working with them, continuing to make the residents’ lives here, the absolute best!”

Read article in Chicago Tribune.