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Carl Roback

It may appear that he’s giving his apartment the cold shoulder, but that’s not the truth. Carl Roback really likes his home at Monarch Landing senior living community quite a bit. His one-bedroom, one-bathroom Fremont-style apartment is well-laid out, spacious and perfect for his needs. Carl said the fact that he spends little time there is simply because he’s so busy.

Carl moved to Monarch Landing from Bloomingdale three years ago. His late wife Jeanette had been suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s for many years and was among the first residents to move into The Springs Health and Rehabilitation at Monarch Landing. “I was looking for an apartment for myself. They showed me a few different models. I saw the Fremont and really liked the way it was set up, but I didn’t like the way that the kitchen was enclosed. I asked if we could take a wall out, and they said, ‘fine,’” Carl recalled. “I also had new carpeting, hardwood floors and canned lighting put in for my own satisfaction. They were very accommodating. I told them what I wanted and then when I came back it was done perfectly.”

The Fremont afforded him the space he needed. “I liked the way it was laid out. Taking the wall out of the kitchen certainly opened the space up quite a bit. Another resident moving into the Fremont saw my apartment and had the same thing done to hers,” said Carl.

“I’ve made a lot of friends since I moved here and the apartment gives me space for company,” Carl said. He added that it would have been next to impossible not to have made friends. ‘When I first moved in, I’d go to the dining room and say, ‘one for dinner’ and they’d sit me with four or five people. That’s how I got to know a lot of people here.” Carl said he attends a lot of programs, works out in the fitness center and in the pool, is the chairperson of the dining services committee, goes on outings, does volunteer work, plays cards and travels a lot.

By choice, his schedule doesn’t leave him much time for his Fremont-style apartment. “I like my apartment a lot. I do. But honestly, I’m seldom here,” Carl concluded. “I sleep here.”