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Staff appreciation at Monarch Landing

“Our employees are wonderful. It would be impossible to enjoy the lifestyle that we do without the dedication of the staff at Monarch Landing,” said Jean Curtis. “This is a 24-hour, seven day a week operation, and everything is always beautifully taken care of.”

The resident of Monarch Landing helped to oversee the annual employee appreciation program. Called Appreciate, Applaud and Reward, the 2018 fundraising drive brought in more than $105,000 in donations this year, which was distributed among the retirement community’s hourly employees last week. The resident-driven initiative was launched when the community first opened its doors 12 years ago. “We are not allowed to tip or give gifts to the staff, and tipping would be such a natural thing to do. If you think about it, when you go out to dinner you tip your server, or if someone delivers flowers to your door, you thank them with a tip. The fund was created to show appreciation to the staff who works so hard here every day,” Curtis said.

Residents and their family members are encouraged to make donations during the November fundraising drive. “The majority of residents do contribute, and we often get nice notes as well,” Curtis said. The total was divided up among 312 hourly employees, based on the number of hours they worked over the past year. “Each person received a sizable check, and the staff was very appreciative to have their efforts so generously recognized,” said Curtis.