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It’s an asset that is aptly named. The Treasure Chest at Monarch Landing is indeed a ‘treasure’, providing various benefits on a multitude of levels. The resale shop located within the senior living community offers residents a place to donate housewares, décor, clothing, books and more. On the flip side, if also provides a place for residents to purchase gently used or new items at bargain prices.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Not even close.

The Treasure Chest which is completely resident-run and is open three days weekly, offers a great volunteer opportunity. More than a dozen people pitch in, accepting donations, straightening stock, running the cash register and more.

And, perhaps most importantly of all, proceeds from the Treasure Chest are donated to Monarch Landing’s Benevolent Care Fund which helps support residents experiencing financial hardship. Since the Treasure Chest was launched in April of 2007, it has donated $178,000 to Monarch Landing’s Benevolent Care Fund which is administered by the DuPage Foundation.