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“I do my homework. When I learned that I was going to require rehabilitation after a hospital stay, I did some research,” said Diane Homicz. The resident of Naperville who was hospitalized and required rehabilitation for complications with her prosthetic knee was glad that her diligent investigation led her to The Springs at Monarch Landing. “It was one of only a few rehabilitation centers that earned five stars from Medicare,” she said. “I was very impressed.”

Homicz, who has had three stays this year at The Springs, said that her special requirements for rehabilitation and care have been scrupulously accommodated. “I explained everything I needed ahead of time. I’m a pro at this because I’ve been in rehab before. Everything I said I’d need was here when I came through the door. I was really impressed,” she said, adding that she had required specialized equipment and food. The admissions coordinator threw in a room with a scenic view.

Homicz added that the care she has received during all of her stays has been “unbelievably good. The staff is so caring and friendly and interactive with the guests. And the food, oh my goodness it’s very good with a wonderful selection. I’ve never seen so many choices of food.’

One of her stays transitioned from Medicare-covered rehabilitation. “My stay could not be covered any longer by Medicare, but I wasn’t able to be at my home, so they arranged rehabilitation respite through private pay. I no longer qualified for official therapy but the therapists developed a program for me to work out, and let me use the therapy gym. It helped to keep my strength in my arms and other leg while I continued to recover,” she said.

While Homicz is hopeful for a complete recovery, she is comforted by the fact that she has identified a home away from home. “The Springs is really top-of-the-line,” she said.