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Celebrations Prevail During COVID19

It’s not every day that a person turns 90, and it had been an event for which Lois Selzer’s family had been planning for many months. The former Des Plaines resident had moved to Monarch Landing senior living community three years ago and has enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, and the many activities and amenities. Last week she learned firsthand about the creativity and dedication of the staff, her fellow residents, and family members. Challenged, but not dismayed, the people who love Lois made sure she still had a birthday celebration worth remembering.

“We were very concerned about not having a traditional birthday party for mom/grandma, especially in light of it being her 90th. We were so looking forward to getting together for such a special celebration in her honor,” said Robin Schultz, Lois’s daughter. “When the ‘stay at home’ order was placed, and we knew we couldn’t have a party or see her in person, it was very disappointing and heartbreaking. We were sad thinking about her spending her birthday alone.”

The family chatted with each other and staff at Monarch Landing, hatching ideas for making the big day as memorable as possible for Lois. Everyone was on board. “We can’t even describe how wonderful things turned out,” said Robin. “Mom was showered with phone calls, cards, notes, and surprise gifts from so many people. It was absolutely amazing. When I spoke with her over the phone, I could hear the joy in her voice. Despite the circumstances, she said she had one of the best birthdays ever. We can’t begin to thank everyone for helping make that happen. We will, of course, have the family celebration at a later date, but having her day turn out the way it did was unbelievably heartwarming!”