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Federal Hospital Attorney Extols The Springs at Monarch Landing

As a retired federal attorney representing Veterans Administration and Naval hospitals, Linda Cobine knows a top-notch healthcare community when she sees one. “I know the checklist, and The Springs marks all the boxes,” said Cobine, who spent nearly a month at the health and rehab community connected to Monarch Landing in Naperville.

Despite good genes and physical flexibility (“most people guess me at 60,” said Cobine), the 70-year-old broke her pelvis over the holidays and checked into The Springs near her Naperville home to regain her strength and mobility. But mere proximity was not the reason she chose The Springs over other options.

Previously, when her husband Craig came to The Springs following a leg amputation due to complications of diabetes, the couple was “immediately struck by how pleasant everyone was and how effectively they were able to answer our questions.” Cobine, too, had been at The Springs before, having broken six ribs last May. “We’re repeat customers,” she jokes, as she and Craig have rehabbed at The Springs a collective total of five times.

“From small things like wide, comfortable beds to more important things like excellent, attentive staff, The Springs is a great place, and I know what that constitutes.” Cobine also lauds the flexibility (“it’s not boot camp”), ambience, cleanliness and dining at The Springs. “I am very fussy about food, and I never once felt the need to order carry-out there.” In particular, Cobine relished The Springs’ homemade potato chips. “They’re great, and I don’t even like potato chips!”

Not the least of The Springs’ benefits was the therapy Cobine received at The Springs, taking her from a wheelchair to walking up steps in preparation for her return home. The stability of the staff did not escape her notice either. “We saw the same people from two years ago still working there. That tells you it’s a well-run, happy environment for everyone.”

It’s also one she would highly recommend, as have others. “I have friends who’ve felt good about their loved ones being there, and even our doctor recommends The Springs!”