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Granddaughter Working At Monarch Landing – The Place Resident Calls Home – Is Icing On The Cake

Monarch Landing has been her home for six years, and they’ve been happy years.

So when independent living resident Betty Parker fell and broke her foot in her apartment, she was happy to be able to rehab and recover at The Springs, Monarch Landing’s attached health and rehabilitation center. The Springs has earned the prestigious five-star rating from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). 

When Parker first started thinking about moving into senior living, she was familiar with the Naperville area and had visited a resident of Monarch Landing several years ago for parties and events. “We all agreed that it was a beautiful community,” she said.

Parker said, “there are so many nice people here. You say ‘hello’ to everyone, and you never meet a stranger. If you introduce yourself, the next thing you know, you have got a new friend.”

Parker’s daughter, Cynthia Finlon, said that her mother chooses not to go to many of the hundreds of planned activities but has lunch and visits with friends. “She’s a little bit more of a homebody, but she reads a lot and has great friends. They enjoy one another.”

During the height of COVID shelter-in-place, Finlon said that Mark Trnka (the executive director) and his team handled things “tremendously. The staff went above and beyond to keep people safe, and that was the most important part.”

“We were staying safe within our apartments, but we had phones, and we talked, and the staff helped us get anything we needed to be delivered to our rooms. Safety was the number one concern,” said Parker, with Finlon adding, “Our family was very grateful for that.”

In August, Parker took a nasty fall and broke her ankle. After being kept in the nearby Central DuPage Hospital for observation, she was discharged to The Springs at Monarch Landing to rehabilitate and regain her strength.

“She received occupational therapy, physical therapy, and help with her walking boot,” said Finlon. “They worked hard with her on balance.”

Parker said that The Springs is not within her insurance network, but she felt that the quality care and proximity to her apartment were well worth paying extra.

Finlon said that everyone on the staff, including the EMT/security officers who helped Parker initially after the fall, the CNAs, nurses, therapists, housekeepers, and the dining team were all wonderful. She said she’s well aware of the fact that many healthcare and rehabilitation centers are struggling to hire enough staff, but those at The Springs were dependable, caring, and worked extra hard. “They still come in every day to do their job with a smile on their faces.”

Parker was released back to her apartment last week, and the team at The Springs stepped in and helped coordinate continued therapy to be delivered within her apartment home.

As for her life at Monarch Landing, Parker feels safe, cared for, and engaged. “I got rid of cooking which is a really good thing. I meet new people and learn so many good things about people, cultures and what they enjoy,” Parker said. The absolute icing on the proverbial cake is that her granddaughter, Ashley Broderick, works at Monarch Landing, where she’s widely appreciated as a star employee. Working currently in marketing, Broderick is revered as a jack of all trades who is willing to help with anything and everything for the resident. “Every time someone finds out she’s my granddaughter, they go on and on about hows she’s the sweetest girl. I agree and am so happy to be able to see her often,” said Parker.