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Outdoor Is The New Indoor

Outdoor is the new indoor. Even before the pandemic, outdoor spaces were becoming extremely popular. The beginnings of this trend can be traced to the financial crisis in 2008, when ‘staycations’ became popular and peoples’ paradise destination became their own backyards.   People decorated, enhanced, and furnished their outdoor spaces, which became extensions of their homes. The pandemic spurned more popularity as ‘staying at home,’ and ‘sheltering in place’ became the new norm. 

The popularity of the outdoors is a good thing, as spending more time in nature is beneficial to your health and well-being.

It’s reported that vitamin D deficiency is now recognized as an epidemic in the U.S.  This deficiency can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, depression, and more. And the best source for vitamin D is the sun. If only all epidemics could be alleviated so easily! A little bit of outdoor time in the sun is a quick, easy, and enjoyable fix.

Sunshine and fresh air are also known for helping promote better sleep, boosting the immune system, reducing stress, and helping increase attention spans and energy levels.

Importantly, being outdoors, especially in well-designed spaces, can help people create and engage in meaningful connections with others.

Residents at Monarch Landing have beautiful outdoor destinations right outside our front door.  The retirement community is ideally situated along the Illinois Prairie Path and naturally growing prairie area, with abundant native plants and flowers. 

Monarch Landing senior living community is also within close proximity to other amazing venues. Among the most unique and beautiful outdoor sites is the Morton Arboretum, a 1,700-acre natural area located in nearby Lisle. The arboretum features nine miles of roadways and 16 miles of hiking trails that wind through an array of tree collections, lakes, meadows, forests and a restored tallgrass prairie. 

And better still, our own beautiful campus boasts amazing gardens and paths.  We’re excited that we will soon be introducing our newly transformed outdoor courtyard. Where our putting green was, we will be designing a patio with fireplace and seating areas so that our residents and their guests can further enjoy (and benefit from) the outdoors.