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Making An Informed Decision to Move to Monarch Landing

A senior couple pose for a photo in their apartment

It was with pertinent professional experience and a uniquely discerning eye that Pati and Rick Saulig researched senior living communities. Pati had a decade long tenure working as an executive for Moving Station. Over the course of her career, she visited dozens of the most highly respected retirement communities across the country, helping ease the process of relocation for prospective residents. Rick was an executive in corporate real estate. So, when the couple decided they were ready to move into a retirement community, they knew precisely what to look for.

Their high expectations were met and in fact exceeded, as they decided on Monarch Landing senior living community in Naperville as their new home. “I knew of Monarch Landing and have worked with its management company, Life Care Services many times. I have a deep appreciation for LCS’s management style and their commitment to the residents in their communities,” Pati said. “We looked at a few places, but Monarch Landing stood out. The decision to live there came quickly for us.”

The couple put their names on a waiting list for their top favorite floorplans, as they placed their Aurora townhouse on the market. Their home sold much more quickly than expected, and Monarch Landing was happy to accommodate them in a temporary apartment until one of their preferred models became available. While waiting, the sales team showed them a terrace-level apartment that was not on their wish list. “Our townhouse had been on the ninth hole of a golf course, and we were reluctant to look at a terrace-level apartment because we were sure it wouldn’t have as good of a view,” said Rick. They were pleasantly surprised that the model has a patio and is situated in a beautiful park-like setting. With some creative remodeling which made the apartment uniquely well-suited to their active lifestyle, Pati and Rick were delighted with their selection. -“It was originally a two-bedroom, two-bath model but we decided to change it to one bedroom, one den, and 1 ½ baths, an enormous master closet and an open kitchen with brand new appliances,” said Rick. “Monarch Landing was very flexible, letting us make the changes.” A month later, after having added their personal flair to stunning renovations, they moved into their new home.

At ages 68 and 71, respectively, Pati and Rick are on the younger end of the age spectrum for seniors moving into a retirement community, and they have found it to be ideal timing. “When I presented at area senior living sites during my career, I realized that residents were benefitting from their new lifestyles. They were, of course, still aging like everyone else, but they were in the position to do so gracefully. They had comradery, companionship, they didn’t have to worry about meals or home maintenance, and they had access to help if they needed it. This was a good learning experience for me,” said Pati. “A lot of people of our generation have the idea that moving to a retirement community is making sacrifices. They need to flip their reasoning around. It’s all about what they’re gaining: the chance to be around other people, access to lots of activities and amenities including a medical center, fitness center and pool, and freedom from the burden of homeownership. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we know that everything will be much easier with us living here.”