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Relishing Their Roles as Goodwill Ambassadors

“We’ve been here for more than a year and a half and I’m still waiting for the honeymoon to be over. Everything is as close to perfect as it can be,” said Mary Anne Krajewski, a resident of Monarch Landing retirement community in Naperville. Mary Anne and her husband Joe are sales ambassadors for Monarch Landing, on call by the marketing department to talk to potential residents about their life at the retirement community. The Krajewskis are perfectly suited for the role, as they love nothing more than singing praises to the place they call home.

Monarch Landing ambassadors meet with prospects who have already visited with staff, received marketing brochures, and attended an event or two. “Connecting prospects with resident ambassadors is an excellent way for them to get the inside story of life in our community,” said Kimmy Giudice, sales and marketing manager. “We’re very grateful to our ambassadors, and they in turn, enjoy their role. At any given time I have more than 60 ambassadors to call on.”

“Marketing will team us up with prospects who they know have similar interests. The prospects have heard the marketing talk but it’s important to visit with people who live here day-to-day. Residents have a better handle on what life is like here after 5 p.m. when the marketing staff has gone home but there are still so many good things happening,” said Mary Anne. “The staff isn’t always here to see the beautiful dinners, or the comradery of residents congregating in the lounge to visit or drinking wine and giggling during Happy Hour.”

“What we always tell people, without exception, is that they should move here earlier rather than later so they can enjoy it sooner,” said Mary Anne. “We tell them that honestly, it’s like being on a cruise ship that never leaves the dock. It’s like always being on vacation. Why would you want to wait to have a life like that?”

Mary Anne said that the couple particularly appreciates their life at Monarch Landing during the winter months. “We’re out and about doing things way more often than we would be if we were living in a condo or house. With the weather like it’s been, below zero or snowy, if we were living in a house, we wouldn’t go out. To get in a car to drive someplace would be a trial. But here, I just hop on my scooter and zip down to the pool or fitness center, or to see a movie, or to take friends to dinner. It’s a hoot. It’s just great,” she said.

Mary Anne, who worked as a geriatric nurse for 30 years is especially well positioned to talk about Monarch Landing’s health center, The Springs, which provides rehabilitation, memory support assisted living, enriched living, rehabilitation, respite and skilled care. “This is the best skilled nursing care I’ve seen. It’s the best. If I should ever need care, I’d be so grateful that The Springs is available,” she said.

Mary Anne and Joe love being ambassadors. “I’m proud to be part of this program. It’s like entertaining friends. There’s great satisfaction in helping people realize that the step they’re planning on is life-changing for sure, but in a positive way. It’s a much better life style. It’s a wonderful, balanced and complete lifestyle,” said Mary Anne.