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Special Exhibit at Monarch Landing Showcases Official White House Christmas Ornaments

It’s an impressive display of an equally remarkable feat…U.S. presidents, side by side in a nonpartisan, nonpolitical way. A special exhibit at Monarch Landing is showcasing the 40 ornaments of the official White House Christmas Ornaments. Lois Morgan, a resident of the senior living community in Naperville, is sharing her complete collection.

The White House Christmas Ornament Collection, launched in 1981, is an educational and fundraising initiative of the White House Historical Association. A new ornament displaying either a president or a White House historical event is introduced each year. Presidents are represented sequentially, so there is no favoritism or partisanship.

Monarch Landing has a gallery showcasing themed displays monthly of unique creations and/or belongings of the residents. Lois started purchasing the ornaments in the mid-1990s and inherited earlier ones, making her collection complete.

“The White House is an important symbol of our national heritage. It is the only residence of a Chief of State in the world that is open to the public without charge and is visited by one and a quarter million people each year,” Lois said.
She designed the display, labeling each item with the name of the president being honored, the date of his years served, and a concise statement telling something specific about him. Lois said that putting together the gallery was very educational. “It was truly a labor of love for all the residents to enjoy.”