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The Defining Moment

What he calls a “defining moment” could have been disastrous. Instead, it led him to finding a warm and engaging home for his mother, and some peace of mind for himself. Nine months ago, Rick Ewert of Naperville moved his 91-year old mother Gertrude to memory support assisted living at The Springs Health and Rehab Center of Monarch Landing. There she receives care, socialization, and stimulation in a warm and safe environment.

For more than ten years, Rick’s parents had home healthcare. After his father passed away a year and a half ago, his mother started experiencing cognitive decline. “She always wore an emergency alert pendant and used it when my father was alive and needed help. But one day, after my dad’s death, I stopped by to visit her and found that she’d fallen and had been unable to get up or to use the emergency alert. That was my defining moment,” Rick said.

He’d been aware of Monarch Landing and The Springs for several years. “I have always liked it. We came on occasional tours, and I was always impressed with what a beautiful community it is. It’s so different than anyplace else we’ve seen or experienced,” he said. After the “defining moment,” Rick decided to help his mom make the move.

“When my mom moved in last July, she settled in beautifully,” he said. “Her days at The Springs are great. The nurses and resident assistants are wonderful. They’ve really taken the time to get to know her. Everyone is so caring…from the receptionist to the caregivers to the housekeepers. People are just exceptionally caring.”

Rick said he is grateful that his mother is eating three nutritious meals every day. “The food is exceptionally good, and the menus have many offerings so that residents can choose what they’d like to eat.”

A significant benefit of having his mother living at The Springs is the relief the arrangement provides Rick. “This has taken a lot of stress off me. When she was at home, I was always worried. Now I know she’s in good hands. The staff is understanding and capable of handling everything,” he said. “The Springs is even better than what I expected. I’m really proud that my mother is at a place where they are so caring and have integrity, and they treat people with great dignity.”