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Quick Facts

Monarch Landing. An Illinois retirement community with more to offer.

Why Monarch Landing?

Independent living. Your style.

Retirement living. It’s the accepted vernacular, but not necessarily the required frame of mind. That’s totally up to you. At Monarch Landing, this next chapter of your life can look exactly as you’d like it to.

It fits just right and you fit right in.

If kicking back, relaxing, and reading a good book is how you picture your life…we’ll help you do just that…poolside, if you’d like. Our hassle-free lifestyle, without the worries of home maintenance, cooking and more, makes that easy! We’ll throw in our well-stocked library, state-of-the-art aquatic center and a glass of wine to boot.

Not interested in relaxing? You can stay precisely as busy as you’d like to be. At Monarch Landing, you now have the time and opportunity to pursue what matters to you, among like-minded people with similar interests and values. Whether your passions include fitness, arts and crafts, travel, lifelong learning, music, Bridge, faith, cooking, model trains, gardening or virtually any other hobby you can think of, it’s likely to be offered here.

You’ll wonder why you waited so long to reward yourself with engaging activities, warm friendships, time and opportunity to stay fit, financial stability and the security of knowing that your future healthcare needs, whatever they may be, will be met with prompt and exceptional medical attention.

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