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Welcome to wellness at Monarch Landing.

Wellness is defined as the state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of an actively pursued goal.

Wellness is a state of being that we are proud to help you achieve and maintain.

We do so by offering abundant opportunities to optimize your wellness…through plentiful activities that promote health and fitness, stimulating relationships with friends and neighbors, and delicious and nutritious dining options.

Healthier, in every sense.

What are you going to do with all your free time?

The right answer here is “Enjoy it!”

Consider a few possibilities: gardening, water aerobics, line-dancing, drumming, yoga…the choices go on and on. And they’re all within just a few steps from your door.

Our 24-hour fitness center provides a wide array of classes for all interests and any level of experience, as well as cardio and strength training.

Our aquatic center is a popular attraction for swimming, water aerobics, and friendly volleyball games. An added bonus…your grandkids will love hanging out at grandma and grandpa’s new pool!

The pool and spa at Monarch Landing’s inviting indoor Aquatic Center are popular year-round attractions.

Medical care: when and where you need it.

At Monarch Landing, you’ll have full-access to our on-campus Medical Center, with Dr. Gus, our board-certified physician, and the experienced nursing staff, offering comprehensive medical services.

Furthermore, our round-the-clock security team is licensed as EMTs, qualified to respond to any incidents or emergencies within moments.

Click here to learn more about our Medical Center and Dr. Gus.

Come and learn more about our wellness opportunities!

Call (630) 590-9818