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Stack the Deck in Favor of Good Health and Well-being

Playing a game of cards is like stacking the deck in favor of good health and well-being.

Card-playing, which is thought to have originated in the Tang Dynasty in 9th Century China. There are many reasons that playing cards has been popular for centuries. Even now, when virtually anything is available via technology, face-to-face, in-person card-playing is popular across generations and cultures. However, there’s so much more to card-playing than the simple fun of the pastime. Card-playing actually is good for you.

Experts say that card-playing gives your brain a good workout. In fact, RetiredBrians.com says that card-playing is “Akin to mental gymnastics…stimulating your brain regularly.” Card-playing often demands concentration and strategy and helps to stimulate neurons in the brain creating new neural pathways. Reports suggest that individuals who exercise their brains are likely to remain sharper and might be less prone to developing dementia.

Card games can help boost mathematical skills, develop logical thinking skills, and improve focus and concentration. Furthermore, the distraction and activity of card-playing can help manage anxiety and depression,

Card-playing also helps to fight loneliness. The way we learn to socialize as children is through play. As adults, playing remains a great way to build interpersonal relationships. Most card games (aside from solitaire) require multiple players. This, in turn, generates conversation and enhances socialization and companionship. Playing cards helps to break the ice socially and can motivate people to spend more time with others while fostering the spirit of friendly competition.

One of the best qualities of card-playing is that it’s an activity that can be done anywhere and intergenerationally, and can be continued throughout one’s life, regardless of age.

There are plenty of card-playing options in the Naperville area. Naperville Park District’s Active Adults and Senior Programming includes game instruction and playing opportunities. Meetup.com also promotes groups for card and board games in and around the Naperville area.

One need not step outside of Monarch Landing to find many options for card-playing. The senior living community’s popular duplicate bridge program is one of very few in the area. Additionally, the retirement community offers clubs for poker, pinocle, canasta, rubber bridge, and countless other games, as well as virtually any hobbies and interests.