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So much to do, and the time to do it.

Is there something you’ve always enjoyed and now look forward to having the time and opportunity to pursue? Or something you’ve always thought about, but never actually tried?

Whatever your interests or goals, the chances to pursue them here are endless.

Clubs and committees

We offer more than 70 different clubs and committees including, but not limited to, a model train club, book clubs, a pet club, MLTV-Channel 950 Crew…you name it, we have it. And if we don’t, start the club or committee yourself.

Join as many as you care to or as few as you like.

Programs and activities

We offer abundant activities, including current event discussions and debates, Q & A sessions with legal and financial advisors and more.

Sample Activities CalendarView sample activities calendar

Fitness offerings

Our fitness schedule is jam-packed and includes something for everyone…all interests and any ability level. These include Drumfit, aqua aerobics, yoga, Tai Chi and more.

Sample Fitness ScheduleView sample fitness schedule

Cultural outings

You’ll want to explore the many nearby attractions in Naperville and the surrounding communities. There’s an abundance of theater, art, shopping and music. Visit them independently or join a scheduled outing.

And don’t forget the cultural mecca called downtown Chicago. It’s just an easy car or train ride away.

Of course, there’s plenty of opportunity for precious quiet time with a good book or favorite TV show as the only companion you need. Relax and enjoy it.

Just know that whenever you feel ready, a whole world of opportunity awaits, right outside your door.

“What you can do here is only limited by your imagination.”

The Sellbergs and the Savilles
Fine Diners + Swimsuit Volleyballers + Kings of the Woodshop

Learn more about our many clubs, committees, outings and activities by calling

(630) 590-9818