Senior Living Testimonials

A Word from Residents on Life During COVID-19

If 2020 has changed your view of senior living, see what our residents have to say about life at Monarch Landing during a pandemic:

“We really appreciate all that Mark and the staff have and will continue to do to keep us all safe. You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you!”
Wanda & Tom J.
“One thing that has made our lives in lockdown tolerable is the wonderful meals that are delivered daily! We exclaim every day about the quality and variety of menu choices … it’s hard to imagine your challenges, so far from normal times in most ways, and yet you do such an outstanding job!”
David & Barbara S.
“You are all making this easier for all of us. I am truly grateful.”
Mary H.
“To the thoughtful, efficient, masked Monarch Landing team who are overseeing all the details of our homebound environment … your friendly service lights up our days!”
Ceil C.
“I personally want to thank you and your staff for all you are doing to make the people at Monarch Landing safe during this critical time. I am so happy to be here where I am protected in so many ways…”
“Every day, we realize again how fortunate we are to live here. All the staff is doing such a fantastic job day-in and day-out to keep us safe and thriving during this time.”
Kate & Carol
“We are amazed and grateful to you for what everyone on your staff are doing to keep us well … even happy.”
Scott & Sue A.
“I’m eating better, more balanced, and healthy meals now since I have been here at Monarch Landing than I have for a very long time.”
Joan P.

Hear about life at Monarch Landing from the dynamic residents who add color and life to this unique community.

“My dad ended up living his last 22 years alone in his house. Really big mistake. He taught me through his example that I don’t want to go that way.”
Monarch Landing Resident
“My wife said she wants to move to a place where she can get strong, get healthy and be safe. And by golly, she has succeeded greatly thanks to what’s available here. So I’m very pleased.”
Monarch Landing Resident
“We got glowing comments about the quality of health care here and that was a very important factor for us.”
Monarch Landing Resident
“I talked to my doctor before I moved in here and she said, ‘Go. You’re young enough to take advantage of what’s offered.’”
Monarch Landing Resident
“I downsized into a lovely townhouse, but I was alone. And winter came and the sidewalks were slippery and I wasn’t getting out … I realized I need socializing. And so that’s why I decided to look for someplace like Monarch Landing. I was ready for it.”
Monarch Landing Resident
“When you’re living in your house by yourself, you begin to get more and more … away from everybody. This is just the opposite. You make more friends than you know what to do with.”
Monarch Landing Resident
“A friend said, ‘What a gift you’ve given to your family.’ I took a step back and said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘Oh, they can do anything, go anywhere in the country and they don’t have to worry about Mom and Dad.’”
Monarch Landing Resident
“We were with some friends we’ve known in Deerfield for 40 years. Some of them can hardly walk and I’m saying, “They’re not having near as much fun as we are.”
Monarch Landing Resident
“We visited other places, but what impressed us here was there was a much more lively community of people both intellectually and socially. People are really interested in things.”
Monarch Landing Resident
“The sense of family here, the genuine care and concern, and involvement that the residents have with one another … it’s amazing.”
Monarch Landing Employee
“My mom moved in before I started working here, and the one thing that brought us here was the friendliness and warmth of the staff.”
Monarch Landing Employee
“Everybody we meet here has such incredible stories. You just want to sit down and pick their brain and listen to their life stories. They’re just fascinating.”
Monarch Landing Resident

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