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Specialties of the house: what’s best and freshest.

Like everything else at Monarch Landing, dining is about a menu of appealing choices. Our professional chefs create changing, seasonal menus based on variety, freshness, excellent nutrition and exceptional flavor. We focus on quality ingredients, minimal additives, and a choice of heart-healthy and sweet-smart alternatives. Most importantly, at every meal, you’ll have options. You’ll find that everything tastes better when all you have to do is show up and enjoy!

Photo Credit: BLDD Architects

Freedom to dine leisurely, or grab a quick bite.

At each meal, you’ll have two choices of venue and a choice of companions.

Millstone Restaurant, our main dining room, features full table service and a friendly wait-staff. Here you’ll savor homemade soups, fresh salads and vegetables, and many prepared entrées and desserts. All served in abundance.

Our welcoming café satisfies more casually, with an abundantly diverse menu featuring daily specials, short-order choices and more.

Come to have a meal with us and check out our great dining options.

Call (630) 590-9818