The Cost of Senior Living in a Life Plan Community

Cost of Senior Living at Monarch Landing

Monarch Landing is a Type C Fee-for-Service Life Plan Community. Unpacking the particulars of that statement makes the benefits of the model clearer.


“We began to think about Monarch Landing because we could do other things and could lead a more care-free life, and we’ve enjoyed every moment of it.”

How Much Do Independent Living Apartment Homes Cost?

The cost varies based on the size and style of the apartment home. Below is sample pricing to help you get started.

Apartment Home PricingAdmission PaymentMonthly Fee
1 Bedroom Floor Plans$285,000 – $475,000Starting at $2,500
2 Bedroom Floor Plans$350,000 – $510,000Starting at $2,900
2+ Bedroom Floor Plans$525,000 – $810,000Starting at $3,300

A Life Plan Community provides a continuum of care, so residents have easy access to higher levels of quality health care if they need it.

Simply put, Type C simply means that you only pay for the higher levels of health care services if and when you need them. Everyone’s health care journey is unique, and at Monarch Landing, you’re prepared for whatever comes.

The admission payment is paid when you move to Monarch Landing. This fee guarantees:

  • Access to all levels of health care should your needs change
  • If you outlive your financial resources, you will never be asked to leave
  • Our Return of Capital plan, which ensures that no matter how long you live here, a substantial portion of the your upfront costs will be returned to you or your estate upon reoccupancy of your residence, should you leave Monarch Landing for any reason

The monthly fee at Monarch Landing covers the cost of living you might otherwise have in your home, including maintenance, a Preferred Choice Dining Plan, utilities and much more. In addition, all of the services and amenities Monarch Landing offers are included with fee exceptions.

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