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Resident Life.

Your new friends will soon seem like you’ve known them for a lifetime. Spend your days with friends, pursuing old interests and discovering new ones…laughing, learning, exploring, sharing…

“We’ve been here two years, and it’s just been a wonderful place to be.”

The Bettins
Satisfaction Seekers + Staunch Hobbyists + Amused by Snowdrifts

“I love the independence that I have here.”

Carol Dapogny
Theater Aficionado + Gentle Activist + Loyal to French Provincial

“We made friends that we cannot imagine our lives without.”

Happy Ex-Homeowners + Energizer Grandparents + Good Neighbors Personified

“We’ve enjoyed every moment. Everything is so easy!”

Bob Swanson and The Parks
Carefree Road Warriors + Activity Devotees + Big on Community

“What you can do here is only limited by your imagination.”

The Sellbergs and the Savilles
Fine Diners + Swimsuit Volleyballers + Kings of the Woodshop

“I love hearing about their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.”

The Employees

Hooked on Interaction + Resident Driven + Creators of Convenience

Who doesn’t love a great romance story?

WCIU TV has visited Monarch Landing to explore the amazing and inspirational love stories of some of our resident couples. The segments have aired on WCIU’s morning show, You and Me This Morning. Grab some Kleenex and enjoy!

Come and meet some of the great residents living here!

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