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The Springs of Monarch Landing Welcome New Community Liaison

Jennifer Davis is a self-professed hybrid. As the new community liaison at The Springs Health and Rehab Center at Monarch Landing senior living community in Naperville, Jennifer’s role is equal parts clinical and business. As a registered nurse with many years working in management and marketing, the combination of experience is beneficial in her new job. “This suits me perfectly,” she said.

Jennifer began her nursing career at Rush University Medical Center, and then over the years, moved into home health, management, and clinical education. She eventually transitioned into working as a community liaison for assisted living, skilled care, and rehabilitation

Jennifer said that in her role at The Springs, she is responsible for helping to grow census at the reputable health care and rehabilitation center. “I’m constantly networking, strategizing, and sharing the virtues of The Springs,” she said, citing their high ranking with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Although it’s not a necessity to be an RN in order to work as a community liaison, it is definitely an advantage. “The customer base is clinically driven. It includes physicians, nurses, case managers, and social workers. My clinical background creates more trust and allows me to get the job done more effectively,” she said. Jennifer added that her clinical background has helped her to set the bar high for who she’ll represent. “I understand what good care is and will only work for an organization that provides the best.”

When she learned about the opening for the community liaison position at The Springs, Jennifer recalled that she was excited. “They have an excellent reputation in the community. They have worked hard to build a very solid internal management team. They’ve gained traction, and I looked forward to becoming a part of that team,” she said. When she interviewed, she recalled being pleased by the “positivity and longevity of the staff. There are a lot of people doing great work and looking forward to staying on. When people don’t leave an organization, that’s a good sign. I am also very impressed with Life Care Services (LCS), which is their management company. There are lots of layers supporting The Springs, and that gave me a good feeling.”

Jennifer said she especially appreciates the true comradery among the staff at Monarch Landing retirement community and at The Springs. “Everyone wants to help each other. Everyone stays in their lane and has their part and role, and there’s a lot of mutual respect for each individual’s expertise. The organization is very holistic. There’s good overall genuine concern and respect among the people who work here. It’s a great place to work, and I’m proud to represent The Springs.”