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Monarch Landing’s Very Own Alexa App In Employee Ashley Broderick

She’s like Monarch Landing’s very own Alexa app; if you have a question about almost anything, she’s able to answer it immediately.  Ashley Broderick, a resident of Sugar Grove, has worked at Monarch Landing senior living community in Naperville for the past five years. During that time, she’s gotten married, had two children, earned advanced academic degrees, worked full-time, held internships, and…learned the answers to many questions.


Ashley, who grew up in Glen Ellyn, started at Monarch Landing as an activities assistant, helping plan programming for the residents. “My grandmother lives here, and we have visited a lot through the years. We were really impressed by the warmth and friendliness of the community,” she said. “I started working part-time after my first son was born.” With degrees in psychology and communications and a minor in biology, she said she had no definitive career wish other than “being a cliché. I like to help people in whatever capacity I can.”  Monarch Landing fulfilled that wish. “I found that I loved working with the seniors, setting up activities, interacting with the residents, and hearing their stories.”


When the sales and marketing assistant position at Monarch Landing opened due to a departmental promotion, Ashley applied and was awarded the job. “At that time, it was mostly about being full-time,” she said. But, what she learned, is that the role that makes her a jack-of-all-trades was something she enjoys.  She explained that she writes reports, sets up behind-the-scenes for events and move-ins, helps with social media, designs marketing materials and videos, helps with Monarch Landing’s resident portal, and more. “I like doing all of this, having all these different responsibilities. I’m still helping seniors, but now, it’s at the time they’re moving in.  I’m helping so that they don’t need to worry about anything and can just get down to enjoying their new lives.”


Ashley decided to go back to school to earn her dual Master’s degrees in social work and business administration. “It was a four-year program. I was going to school part-time working and had two internships and had two children by the time I finished the program.”


She was delighted to be able to complete one internship at The Springs Healthcare and Rehabilitation of Monarch Landing. “My specialization for social work was leadership. I worked in the social services department, mostly with short-term rehab guests, doing assessments, discharge planning and care planning,” she said. “It was when COVID was at its peak, and it was stressful. Because there was so much work to be done, I continued in the role more than a month after my internship was to have ended.”


Ashley said she then returned to the sales and marketing department. “I was happy to come back here. This is my place; these are ‘my’ residents; these are the relationships I’ve formed. We know each other. I don’t’ want to give that up, and I have found I love doing this type of work.”


Juggling the many responsibilities that Monarch Landing’s Alexa has developed, she said that her schooling has helped her know that she can manage a lot. “My confidence has grown, and I have more ideas because of it.”


Ashley said that Monarch Landing’s tuition reimbursement program helped her with her advanced degree bills. “That, and having the opportunity to do my internship here, helped me a lot.” The organization’s dedication to helping its staff find advancement is important to her.


“We are so proud when young people like Ashley find and grow their career goals and skills here,” said Kimmy Giudice, senior community marketing manager. “There’s a mutual dedication and admiration between Monarch Landing and our staff, and everyone, including the residents, benefit tremendously from that relationship.”


Ashley concluded that Monarch Landing started as a wonderful employment opportunity that ultimately led to a success story. It also helped the community’s very own Alexa answer a very important question of her own. “I wondered what I wanted my career to be. Ultimately, I came full circle, discovering that senior living was my perfect niche,” she said.