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The joy of lifelong hobbies at Monarch Landing


Having an active lifestyle doesn’t only mean fitness classes, walks, swimming, and cycling. It also can mean engaging in meaningful pastimes that fuel creativity, stimulate the mind, and make social connections.

Hobbies are good for everyone and for seniors in particular. Art, clubs, crafts, collections, and more can lead to more happiness and a better quality of life. The National Institute on Aging (NIA) includes hobbies in its definition of an active lifestyle. According to the NIA, hobbies can improve thinking abilities, coping skills, and lower the risk of certain diseases. As satisfaction builds, older adults can expect to live longer, too. 

DevelopGoodHabits.com shares a resource that includes 51 hobbies that seniors can get into during retirement. They run the gamut from genealogy to origami to studying philosophy. Hobbies have the benefit of being distractions from day-to-day stresses while carving out personal time and providing a sense of accomplishment. Retirement Wisdom states that hobbies promote the psychological idea of “flow.” Rather than mindlessly watching television or scrolling through social media, hobbies provide the opportunity to lose one’s self in an activity which is much more invigorating. 

At Monarch Landing, hobbies are very much available to everyone, whether through the many group activities including the Astronomy Club, Model Train Club, Men’s and Ladies Poker, Bridge, or Pocket Billiards. On an individual level, residents have taken to everything from showcasing collections to sewing masks for protection against Covid-19. 

Many residents have furthered their hobbies while living at Monarch Landing.  The spacious woodshop is replete with wood, paints, and stains, as well as tools that residents brought with them. It’s where crafters come together to get creative, in one case on making model replicas of historically significant ships.  

“Do more of what makes you happy” is a life rule among many hobbyists. It may not come as a surprise that pursuing more enjoyable activities increases happiness. Hobbies instill a sense of purpose while being fun. And what’s more important for any of us during our retirement years?